Salmon Falls River Camping Resort, Lebanon, ME.  Family and Pet Friendly RV and camping resort in southern Maine.

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Dogs welcome, when accompanied by well behaved owners.

    What can you do with your dog at our camping resort?


    • Walk the entire campground, we ask thay you not go on camping sites, either occupied or not.
    • Go down to the river and relax.
    • Swim in the river the dogs, there is an area that is away from the entrance road with easy access.
    • Chase after sticks and or balls in the dog park.

    The rules:

    • NO DOGS are allowed on tent sites. There is no way to keep pets safe in the summer heat
      and dogs can escape from tents.

      Dogs are not to be left alone outside your camper or in the dog parks.
    • Rabies certificates must be on file for each dog visiting any campground.
    • Owners MUST clean up after their pets.
    • Dogs are not allowed in any buildings.
    • Dogs that are skittish, fearful, not feeling well and the like should wear orange bandanas. The bandana does not mean the dog is mean or bites, it just means the dog needs to be handled with special care. It also lets people know to approach slowly or stay away.
    • If you see a dog with an orange bandana, ask the owner if and how you should approach the dog.
    • Don't feed any dog that is not yours.
    • No aggressive dogs are allowed at the resort. This is for the safety of all or our guests and their pets as well.



    Below are our family pets that are at the campground/resort. You will see them around so I figured I would tell you a little about them. If you would like to share your pets photo and a little bio. . . email me the info and I will post it on this page.

Buddy - with smile toy





English Black Lab - 11 years old, Sam is very shy but very friendly. Sam is a little slower than most labs but loves to chase balls and chew sticks. She is the most likely of the 4 to sit on your feet.

BAD TRAIT: hard whacking tail, steps on peoples feet and barks a lot.

Loves Children & Swimming

Hates Car Rides

Black Field Lab - 9 years old, Buddy is a typical hyperactive field lab that like to run and jump. He joined our "family" as a rescue. Buddy is from the city and still leery around bodies of water,

BAD TRAIT: jumping and running off if you take your eyes off him.

Loves Everyone & tennis balls

Hates Leashes


Mini Dachshund - 10 years old, Sadie is our watchdog. She barks at everything.She takes a while to trust grown people. She loves children. She does not fear anything including BIG dogs.

Bad trait: Runs off if she gets the chance. Barking!

Loves Hunting Rodents/Squirrels

Hates Being Alone



    Food & Water: Our water is great but some dogs cannot take the change of water (like people) so you might want to bring bottled water or water from home. For food I take zip lock baggies and fill each with the correct portion of food, them I toss them all in a container with a tight fitting lid. At meal times simply grab a bag and pour it in his/her dish. Reuse the baggies for your food waste and your camping unit won't smell.

    Traveling Doggie Bag:  All the new scents can be confusing for your dog. Pack a bag with some comforts from home such as his favorite toy, bedding and snacks.

    Clean up "droppings" immediately - stuff empty toilet paper tubes with used grocery bags, for bigger dogs use paper towel tubes.  It is the great outdoors, not the great outhouse. Dog waste breaks down slowly unlike moose and deer "scat". Many campgrounds have banned dogs because of dog waste issues. We all love dogs, but we all hate stepping in or sliding on poop.

    Keep your pet hydrated - the extra panting makes em' thirsty, during the summer water em' frequently!

    6' Leash Rule: this rule sounds strange but those string things are dangerous for pets and owners at a campground. When the dog chases a squirrel and runs around the tree, you could get "damaged". Also when 2 dogs on the string things meet, they get all tangled up. It also is more comforting to your pet to be closer to you.

    ID Tags: You should always have updated ID tags on your dog with your CELL PHONE number when you travel. If your dog is famous for running off, get a sharpie marker and write your CELL phone # in large print on his/her collar.

    Medications & First Aid: They sell neat first aid kits for dogs that include first aid books. They are great for home and travel.


Salmon Falls River Camping Resort

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